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Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning

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What’s eco-friendly dry cleaning? Eco-friendly dry cleaning is a type of cloth or textile cleaning that is different from the ordinary cleaning method that involves using perc. Also, water is replaced with a chemical solvent. In eco-friendly dry cleaning, perc is not used.

Our Michael Angelas Dry Cleaners company is located in Miami, Florida (United States). Ecol-friendly dry cleaning is our area of ​​expertise. Our crew has undergone special training on this alternative method of cleaning, all intending to achieve perfect results.

If you want your clothes to last for long time, to be well-kept, and perfectly preserved for every occasion; the job of cleaning and maintenance is best left to our experienced professionals at Michael Angelas Dry Cleaners.

We guarantee that our service will be fast, high quality, and we’ll do everything it takes to bring your clothes back in the shortest possible time. Our customer satisfaction is our biggest reward. Our dry cleaners offers the best solutions to keep your clothes clean and in orderly fashion. Contact us now to get started.

I have so much free time now that these guys do my laundry! I am able to spend it with my friends and family, and totally love it. Thank you!
Sharonda Mills