Pickup & Delivery Service

At Michael Angelas Dry Cleaners, we’re a local business that offers free pick-up and delivery to clients in the greater Miami, FL, area. We take pride in ensuring the fastest and easiest service for all our clients, and if you are in need of commercial laundry service, eco-friendly dry cleaning, or tailoring and alterations, all you have to do is set up an appointment and we’ll come to you and make it happen.

What Does Pick-Up and Delivery Entail?

dry cleaning pick up and deliveryIt’s exactly what it sounds like! You can stay at home while we come to you, pick up your laundry, bring it back to our shop and provide all the services that you could possibly need! When we’re done, traditionally in a 24 to 48-hour window, we’ll pack up your laundry and bring it back to you as good as new. You can have all your laundry services done by our expert team without ever having to leave the house, all you have to do is contact us and tell us what you need to be done.

What Are the Benefits of Pick-Up and Delivery?

Of course, the modern world is getting busier and busier every day, and having to stop off at a laundry service is just another in a long list of chores that might make the day ahead seem unbearably strenuous. With free pick-up and delivery from Michael Angelas Dry Cleaners, you don’t have to worry about anything but contacting us to set up the appointment, which means you have more time to do you. Whether that means taking care of other chores, taking the kids to school, cooking dinner, or just sitting around and binge-watching Netflix.

With Michael Angelas Dry Cleaners, laundry will be just one less thing you have to worry about taking care of on your own. We can pick-up and deliver your laundry no matter your needs, offering pick-up and delivery in a 48-hour window that can be tailored to your specific schedule.

Contact Michael Angelas Dry Cleaners for Free Pick-Up and Delivery!

If you’re someone in the greater Miami, FL, area who is sick of loading up your car with laundry every week to bring across town to the cleaners, no need to worry. By contacting Michael Angelas Dry Cleaners, you can set up an appointment to have all your laundry needs taken care of for you. On top of our free pick-up and delivery, we offer the best commercial laundry service, eco-friendly dry cleaning, and tailoring and alterations in town! Contact us now.

I have so much free time now that these guys do my laundry! I am able to spend it with my friends and family, and totally love it. Thank you!
Sharonda Mills