Tailoring & Alterations

Not only is Michael Angelas Dry Cleaners the best laundry service in the greater Miami area, but we also offer expert tailoring and alterations. This means that you can come to us for all your laundry needs, regardless of size, shape, or material. Tailoring and alterations need to done by experts, otherwise, your clothes will turn out looking worse than before. At Michael Angelas, we’re all-around clothing experts, and we can guarantee a better fit and a more stylish look for any and all your clothing needs, as well as fix torn linens and sheets.

What Do Tailoring and Alterations Entail?

tailoring service in miamiTailoring means making sure that your clothes fit your exact body specifications, which means that your clothes will have a fit that is specifically “tailored” to your exact size and shape. An outfit that you thought was unseemly can suddenly be transformed into your favorite suit or dress with proper tailoring, as the outfit will be custom-made to accentuate your body type and showcase your best features.

Alterations, on the other hand, are more minor adjustments, which can range from hemming pant legs and shirt sleeves to patching and repairing holes. Regardless of your needs, we have the know-how to get your garments looking the exact way you need them to, and we can do it with minimal fuss and wait times.

Why You Should Use a Professional Tailoring and Alteration Service?

While many people have an understanding of how to make small alterations at home with their own sewing machines or kits, few people have the expertise needed to take an entire outfit and customize it to fit their body-type perfectly. Expert tailoring can make all the difference in how you look when you go out to your next event, and people will be in awe of your custom-fitted garments. By utilizing our expert tailoring and alteration services, you can ensure that your tailoring and alterations will be done as if the garments simply came from the store that way, with no excess trim or unseemly sewing lines.

Contact Michael Angelas Today for Your Tailoring and Alteration Needs

With free pick-up and delivery, unmatched customer service, and fast and efficient service, no other business in the Miami area provides the same level of tailoring and alteration care as we do. If you are someone in the Miami area who has been having trouble finding the right service for your tailoring and alteration needs, contact us today and we’ll be able to get the job done just the way you need it.

Thank you for always standing by and being the best at what you do! I appreciate the prompt pick-ups and delivery.
Zoe Anderson